Review of The Self-Warming Pet Bed

While many pet owners let their dogs and cats sleep wherever they choose, including on the living room couch or even in the owner’s bed, others like to invest money in purchasing special pet beds.

If you buy a self-warming pet bed, your pet will know exactly where it is permitted to sleep, and will not end up dozing in places you want to keep clean of fur and dirt. There are many sizes and types of pet beds to choose from, and including self-warming pet beds that are particularly beneficial if your dog’s sleeping area is very cold.

Self-warming pet beds are also recommended for kittens and puppies that do not have their mothers around to keep them warm, and for older and sick pets that have trouble maintaining their body heat.

Features of self-warming pet beds:

  • The part of the bed the pet rests on is made of special material that radiates your pet’s body heat back up.
  • No electricity is required to make the bed warm, so there is no “operating cost” and no danger of your pet receiving an electric shock.
  • A non-slip layer of material on the bottom of the bed keeps it from slipping and moving when your pet climbs on and off of it.


  • Recycled bottles are used to make the bed, making it an environmentally friendly product.
  • The self-warming beds are easy to wash – most come with removable covers that can be unzipped from the bed and cleaned in your washing machine.
  • Affordable – while self-warming beds are available in a wide range of prices, they generally do not cost any more than standard dog beds.
  • Self-warming beds come in different sizes, shapes and colors – some beds are in the form of flat mats, others are shaped like large round pillows, and still other are like open boxes.
  • Some models have slightly raised, cushioned sides, making the bed even more comfortable for your pet.


  • This specific type of the self-warming pet bed may fail to accommodate your large-sized dog.


Even though cats and dogs have fur, they can get chilled just like people do. If your pet usually sleeps outside, in your garage, or in an unheated room in the house, you should seriously consider buying a self-warming bed at least for the colder months of the year.

Having a comfortable, self-warming pet bed will insure your pet is warm and relaxed while it is sleeping. There are a number of different companies that manufacture and market self-warming beds, so shop around for the best price and most attractive bed before you make your purchase.

It is important to buy a bed that is big enough to allow your pet to stretch out while sleeping. If half its body is on the bed, and the other half is on the cold floor, then the self-heating feature is of no use. Also, the bed you choose should be comfortable and big enough that your pet comes to prefer it over any other place it used to sleep.

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K&H Lounge Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed Video

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