Dremel 7300-PTGrooming a pet in a pet salon or at the veterinarian office can be expensive, time consuming, and frightening for the animal. Therefore, many people simple neglect to groom their pets, believing that food, water, exercise, and love are enough to keep a pet happy and healthy. But nail grooming is important for two main reasons:

  1. If a dog’s nails get too long they can break, which is painful for the dog and can lead to infections.
  2. If a dog’s nails are too long his gait will change, which can cause skeletal damage.
    The Dremel 7300-PT 4.8 Volt Pet Grooming Kit is perfect to have and use in the comfort of your home, to insure that your dog’s nails never get too long.

Product features:
• Lightweight
• Two speeds
• Two year warranty
• Comfortable size – 8 inches by 4.2 inches
• Cordless – battery charged
• Removable battery pack for charging
• Two speed rotary action (6,500 and 13,000 RPM)

– The rotary file is better to use on a dog’s nails than clippers, because you can file the nail gradually and prevent accidently cutting and injuring the nerves and blood vessels near the base of the nail.
– Since the groomer is cordless, you can use it on your dog anywhere you choose, and do not need to be near an electric outlet. Thus, you can groom your dog’s nails outside, in his kennel, or even in the bathtub.
– The groomer fully charges in three hours, and lasts for at least three grooming sessions, making the issue of weak batteries nonexistent.
– The high speed is convenient when your dog is accustomed to the hum and sensation of the groomer, and allows you to finish the job quickly. The lower speed is useful if your dog is afraid of the noise and you need to do the grooming job more slowing and gently.
– The grinding drum and band can be replaced, and other shapes and sizes produced by the Dremel company are compatible with this model.
– The groomer weighs less than half a pound, and is perfect for light duty jobs like trimming a dog’s nails.
– The compact body of the groomer makes it easy to store.
– The comfortable hand grip on the groomer makes it easy to hold and use while filing your dog’s nails.

– There are very few complaints about this pet grooming kit since it works impressively and effectively. The only thing that has been mentioned is that there is some dust which flies when using it which is perfectly normal.

All in all, the Dremel 7300-PT 4.8 volt pet grooming kit is a wonderful tool to have at home. It will save you the time, money, and inconvenience of trips to the vet to have your dog’s nails clipped. It will save your dog the discomfort and trauma of a visit to the vet, and he will soon learn that the rotary filing method of shortening his nails is faster and less painful than the traditional clipper method. If you are thinking of buying a home pet groomer, this brand is definitely a good choice.



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